For and with
Meta Design

Executive Director Brand Strategy
Lisa Krick 

Head of User Experience
Steven B. Cook

Senior User Experience Strategist
Jack Mitchell

Design Team
Christian Nufer
Yulia Popova 
Maksym Madonov 
Hassan Haider

Creative Consultant
Jonathan Sven Amelung 

Brand Design
Art Direction

TK Elevator

In 2020 I supported the MetaDesign team in order to facilitate the rebranding of Thyssenkrupp Elevator, ushering in a new era as TK Elevator. This transformation marked a landmark moment in the company's history.

The birth of the independent global brand, TKE, disrupted the conventions of a traditionally conservative industry. The new corporate design, daring and energetic, conveys profound meaning. Rooted in strategic focus and design cohesion, it orchestrates a holistic branding experience that embodies motion and dialogue. A modular design system intuitively guides users through the brand journey, aligning with TKE's mission as a technology leader, enhancing lives through pioneering mobility solutions.

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